Mobile seat (basic model)

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Mobile seat – spine curvature prevention, additional non-medicinal healing effect on pelvic organs.

Price – 1230 rubles

Additional characteristics:
Weight - 2kg
Length/width/height - 43,2 х 36 х 7,5 cm

Mobile seat is intended for spinal curvature prevention, for healthy and beautiful posture during sitting, for strengthening muscular corset around the spine and buttocks muscles, and also for prevention of pelvic organs blood congestion. Mobile seat can also be used for lateral curvature treatment, but only after consulting the doctor. Besides spinal curvature prevention and lateral curvature treatment, using different options with mobile seat (like shungite, buckwheat husk, permanent magnets, bactericidal cover) and constructive peculiarities has healing effect on humans: revitalizing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, stimulating, normalizing, anesthetic and protecting from environmental hazard. The seat obtains additional prophylactic functions when it has free spaces formed by open containers, which act like orthopedic pillows and decrease the load on the sacrococcygeal part of the spine, improves blood circulation in the pelvis, eases pain and facilitates recovery in case of hemorrhoid, prostatitis, prostatic adenoma, after traumas, pelvic surgery and after child-birth. You can use the seat as long as you wish (time is not limited) and stop using it only when you feel like changing position.

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