Magnetic prism (pyramid)

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The option is based on technologies and means approved by official medicine 

Containers have prisms (pyramids) made of permanent magnets

The top of the pyramid points to the human body.
Magnetic force of each pyramid from rare earth alloy NdFeB-neodymium-iron-boron is 0.15 Tesla (1500 Gauss).
Healing, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, stimulating, normalizing and pain-killing effect for the human appears due to the following: increased oxygen in the blood, calcium ions migration speed change, normalization of acid-alkaline balance, optimization of hormones and ferments generation in the body, blood viscosity change and improved blood circulation. Another
advantage of permanent magnets is proved pain-killing effect.
Kiochi Nikagava (Japan) argues that many diseases of modern humans result from “magnetic field deficit syndrome”, because since 1830 the Earth’s magnetic field has decreased by more than 6%.

A partial list of diseases where patients witness positive effects after magnetotherapy treatment: arthritis, asthma, insomnia, liver diseases, kidney diseases, prostate diseases, back pain, headaches, dizziness, hormone disbalance, depression, diabetes, menstrual pain, migraine, fractures, fatigue, problems with pressure, multiple sclerosis, disorders of the gallbladder, pancreas disorders, disorders of the spleen, rheumatism, stress, injuries. 
Low intensiveness magnetic fields work through magnet containing hemoglobin and due to magnetic field deficit do not need any limitation. When used for a long time they lead to self-regulation of human functional systems.
Main counter-indications: heart pacer; very low blood pressure; system blood diseases; blood hypocoagulation; acute infectious diseases; pregnancy; early post heart attack period; Graves’ disease; acute coronary heart disease; serious brain injury.

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