How to sit properly

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Mobile seat on regular chairs

How to sit on the mobile seat
Place the mobile seat (basic model) on regular furniture (chair, armchair, stool etc.) so that the flanged edge fits the edge of the chair. The balance element should be 1\3 person’s height from the floor. Be careful when you first use the seat! Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Slowly sit down on the seat holding the balance element with one hand and holding on to the chair or somebody with the other. Move and find the position where the center of gravity is above the ball-joint. Then you will keep balance just lightly swinging your hips. After 15-60 minutes when you feel confident and comfortable, try to sit with your legs moved together. The load on the spine and buttock muscles will increase, thus increasing the healing effect. When you are sitting on the mobile seat you can take you legs off the floor only when holding on to the desk. If children are using the seat- watch them first time.
Recommended position of the mobile seat



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